North Star

My goal is to make a living by being my best self, and to do my best to pay attention to what that means, and course-correct as I go. It means 9 – 5 does not apply, and I work because I believe the work matters, not because I’m punching the clock. It means sometimes compromising a paycheck but never compromising my integrity. It means a commitment to lifelong learning and to the occasional discomfort of growing pains. That’s where the growth happens. It means using my words to compel action, and not chewing on the placebo of complacent inspiration. It means craving something heartier. It means sharing the stories I believe in, with all of my heart. Love bigger. Reach farther. That’s mamore. 

This is my compass, my North Star, and the reason why I have a website with my name on it! This is a place to house some of the details that tend to fall within the path of this little light of mine, including my Mamore Communications clients and what I do for them, my passion projects, and words. Because without words, I’d be speechless.

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Kelli Martinelli

“Kelli is the foundation beneath the success of our brand’s social media strategy. Her insights and organizational skills make our marketing efforts and outreach seamless. Regarding any campaign since Kelli joined our team, we ask ourselves how we can tie it to our social media and leverage that success. She’s the sole purpose for the rapid growth of our followers over the last few years, and has helped establish key partnerships with outdoor industry giants. Her approach to work, flexibility, and sense of humor make Kelli a one-of-a-kind asset who will help any brand or company thrive. She is simply irreplaceable.”


Spencer Kloewer, Associate Brand Manager and super ninja, Mountain House

Working with Kelli was a breeze. She was easy going and understanding of our corporate process and very quickly adapted to the voice we were trying to portray for our brand. She also proved skillful in driving social engagement on the channels we focused on. I highly recommend her.

Kenny Larson, OFD foods