Thank You Thank You Thank You

Using other peoples’ words to make you like me.

Kelli is everything a marketing team could want. She believes in what she’s selling, and has an effortless way of getting you to believe too. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I get contacted by a lot of different marketers through my blog. Some offer to pay me. Others offer me product. Most get ignored, their e-email sent silently to my digital trashcan. Kelli offered friendship. She had read my blog. Actually read it! She hadn’t copy and pasted a couple titles into a form letter designed for mass distribution. She read what I was writing and was genuinely complementary.

Over the course of a few different emails she introduced my wife and I to gDiapers. Eventually she sent us some product, and we happily wrote about it. Then we continued to write about it, commented on their Facebook page, told our friends, and became part of the community. Kelli could have just sent out a thousand free gDiapers to a thousand bloggers and would have probably had a pretty successful link building campaign, but instead she put her personal touch on it and built an amazing network of brand advocates. I can put a price tag on a few links, but people who will continue to talk and promote long after their review is posted isn’t something you can put a dollar value on. Kelli exemplifies a great marketer. Any team would be lucky to have her. I look forward to working with her again someday.

John Kinnear, blogger and marketing director

How can I describe Kelli? She’s a ball of positive energy with an innate understanding of what makes people tick. She’s an expert at building relationships and navigating the online world of branding. And she’s so much more! Her creativity, positive attitude, sense of humor, willingness to try anything, and authenticity make her one of my favorite people to work with. I’d highly recommend Kelli for any brand looking to improve their online presence and build their community of customers.

Tracy Puhl, GladRags CEO

Working with Kelli was a breeze. She was easy going and understanding of our corporate process and very quickly adapted to the voice we were trying to portray for our brand. She also proved skillful in driving social engagement on the channels we focused on. I highly recommend her.

Kenny Larson, OFD foods

I’ve worked with Kelli on numerous projects and clients, and she’s amazing. All things social, marketing, copywriting, and just general awesomeness! Her energy and passion, as well as knowledge and experience, is unmatched by anyone I’ve worked with. She has great, fun, and creative ideas that help brands tell stories, as well as connect followers, customers and employees. She truly understands fan engagement, as well as how to help drive revenue and ROI through effective, efficient programs and campaigns.

Zach King, freelance designer/developer

Working with Kelli is amazing as I felt she was personally invested in my story. After speaking with me she came up with an entire branding concept focused on the story behind Tender Wondersuits. She engaged several top bloggers within 2 weeks who loved the suits and wrote fabulous reviews. She helped increase FB engagement and launched my Instagram account. Added bonus is her personality is upbeat and positive. Smart lady with a lot of great ideas that she implements with skill. Highly recommended.

Rosalee Rester, Tender Wondersuit inventor

Kelli is creative, detail-oriented and was able to create a strong brand voice that spoke to our fans, and grow our base. She is knowledgeable, and keeps herself up-to-date on the fast-pasted social media marketing trends. Any company that has an opportunity to work with Kelli is very fortunate, she is top-notch!

Gillian Beerman, MOBY Wrap founder

“Kelli makes good things great. Kelli came to develop and implement the brand voice and persona of Mountain House and elevated our social media to the moon! Her enthusiasm, passion, savvy, empathy and initiative have helped the Mountain House brand to be seen as more than just “camping food.” Kelli is responsible for infusing Mountain House with deeper trust, transparency, and style. I would prefer not to tell the world about this so that we can keep her all to ourselves, but the world needs more of Kelli.”


Brandy Lamb, Director of Innovation, OFD Foods

“Kelli is the foundation beneath the success of our brand’s social media strategy. Her insights and organizational skills make our marketing efforts and outreach seamless. Regarding any campaign since Kelli joined our team, we ask ourselves how we can tie it to our social media and leverage that success. She’s the sole purpose for the rapid growth of our followers over the last few years, and has helped establish key partnerships with outdoor industry giants. Her approach to work, flexibility, and sense of humor make Kelli a one-of-a-kind asset who will help any brand or company thrive. She is simply irreplaceable.”


Spencer Kloewer, Associate Brand Manager and super ninja, Mountain House