Lucky Penny

I spent yesterday updating my home office to accommodate the apocalypse, bottling strawberry kombucha, and making pictures of a muppet named Penny. 🍀🐾📷⁣ Penny was adopted by her humans through One Tail At A Time, and … listen, I know times are super weird, and it’s easy to feel scared. So as best as I am able, I’m seeking out (and finding) the silver linings. Maybe now is a great time for you to consider fostering or adopting a pup who doesn’t know that there’s a viral pandemic and police brutality. Maybe it’s the worst time for the very same reasons. But maybe, you have the space, you have the time, and there’s a silver lining muppet just waiting for you to welcome them into this super weird, sometimes painful, and oh-so-beautiful world. ❤️

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