Passion Projects

Why do all the most urgent ideas happen in the shower? That’s usually where these passion projects are born. Most of them end up with a new url added to my collection and a few sleepless nights while my brain chews on an idea that may or may not go anywhere. (It’s like window shopping for writers.) But occasionally one of these url acquisitions turns into an actual website project that I’ll daydream about one day launching outside the confines of my steamed up bathroom.

This one is no longer active. Thank you everyone who helped contribute! We raised almost a year’s worth of operating costs!

Kathmandu Kids – In cooperation with Uncage the Soul, we’ve launched a fundraiser to help support the Himalaya Environmental & Cultural Awareness Center, a children’s home in Kathmandu, Nepal.

These are on pause but not dead:

Honestly Ever After – Shining a spotlight on relationships that live happily outside the status quo. Stories wanted. Visit on Instagram and Facebook.

Offset Your Impact – Let’s do more when we explore. Website and all the things coming soon.